Never be a hindrance on your partner’s growth; it will only be a disruption to you both. 

There are various ways for each person to learn and grow as an individual. Within a relationship, we will always discover new ways to acquire knowledge individually and mutually for a shared balance. As much as a rapport between two people can have strength, there will always be a highly valued importance for each person to enjoy their individuality freely.

A commitment to be with another person will not determine a responsibility to be at that person’s side at all times or be a follower of that person’s beliefs; it is strictly a spiritual commitment to maintain a loyal friendship that will be loving and supportive in times of need. Regardless the relations we have with another; we will always have the obligation to maintain our true person. When a person’s obligation to the self is limited or expected to become another’s, then growth for that person is prohibited and their sense of self will become lost.

Sometimes we have to let our partners go so that they may get to know their true person and return as the person we remember them to be. Every person living will continually experience growth and rediscovery through the Journey of Life. Never hold onto another person because of the security you feel right now. Allow the people around you to be free to discover so that you may also be provided the needed room to grow. Give yourself and all the people you love the freedom to be the people you were meant to be.