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How is it that I remain so fired
Without realizing that I am tired?
From where does this energy generate?
Are there times I have to choose to not concentrate?

Where is this determination found?
To me, why does it feel bound?
How does one find their balance?
While continuing to advance

Through the journey of this recovery, I have been able to maintain a drive that has me working every day. Without full knowledge of what is recovering in my body, I encounter days when fatigue catches up to me and prevents me from following my drive. These are the times when I question where I find my energy to pursue and it reminds me that I have to remember to widen my chosen focus. Days of full rest is still a must if I truly wish to reach a full recovery.
When facing my person is a frustration, I wonder where I found my determination and how I managed to get it so deeply bound. Having it be a great part of my person, how do I find a balance for my person without extinguishing the drive that is still required for the task at hand? Somehow the questions arise but deep down I know that I will never give up or allow myself to decide to not see this through to the end.

A day of frustration, a new day to re-evaluate and reconnect with the person I know I want to be and the person that I am.