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What is belief and what does it represent in an individual?

A belief for an individual represents an inner conviction that is held with a confident trust and acts as a guiding force for the conduct of their life. When a belief has been established, a person acts with brave loyalty to pursue their awareness and increase their knowledge.

An individual’s belief is a statement of the values that they hold dear. Despite the adverse circumstances of life, a strong belief assists to limit the doubts that arise in life. A rooted belief provides a strong foundation that always feels safe to return to and develop.

Even with a rooted belief, the changes that life offers requires a person to maintain an organization of their thoughts and experiences. All actions and decisions work to express a person and fortifies their chosen identity.

A belief is a bright, guiding light in life that distinguishes an individual from others by serving an exclusive purpose. Acknowledgement of personal beliefs is the first step towards recognition of our individuality.