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What is survival and why is it important to maintain a desire to survive in life?

Survival is the act of surviving through adverse circumstances. It is important to maintain a desire to survive in life because development is inevitable and a motivation determines our will to pursue our journey amidst continuous changes.

A survivor sustains a strong desire to constantly live. Despite unfavorable conditions that will be encountered, the choice to survive upholds the weight of bountiful experiences. Survival inspires a resistance to failure, even when venturing unknown challenges.

There are moments in life when survival takes precedence to fulfill our needs and an indifference to the various options life provides. A focused ambition and awareness of our desires establishes an ardent belief in life and inclines us to follow our drive to succeed.

With the spirit of a survivor, a limitless endurance for what will be is created and life’s enlightenments are cultivated for our character. A desire to survive will enforce our capabilities to endure the defiance of life.