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Within our lives, we become a unique blend; it makes a difference what we choose to befriend.

Within our lives there are so many various experiences to encounter and each situation will enlighten us. We are each provided with a diverse mixture of life experiments to provide us the choice to make a distinct selection for our person. With the generous amount of choices to select from, it will always be up to our person to decide which situation and person we intend to befriend.

An experience can feel tortuous, throwing us into a state of confusion but our participation guarantees that the situation will have the potential to become an asset in our lives. As horrific a situation can appear, it is always beneficial to give it a chance and choose the gifts that we wish to acknowledge as our own.

We are each going to become our own unique blend because we will each have separate experiences within our journey and we are each accountable for the choices we make when accepting each experience.