“Life will always test your ability to demonstrate your capability and offer you the option of personal agility.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large

Within the Journey of Life, we are offered many different experiences that will feel like a test on our abilities. Despite the difficulty the experience may bring, it will always grow into a demonstration of our actual capabilities and hardships will offer us the opportunity to advance with our abilities.

With each new experience we choose to appoint, we are likely to encounter a unique training that will give us reason to confirm what we desire and what we are able to do. We may not always comprehend where our experience will lead us but when it ends; we will be blessed to have the option to recognize what we are capable of enduring. Every new experience provides us the opportunity to explore our capabilities and investigate new lessons to assist the growth of our person.

Never conceal yourself from the assessment that life presents you. Welcome it openly and distinguish the abilities that belong to your person and explore the abilities that have the potential to become your own.