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 “A small prevention will not obtain your personal retention.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large

A hindrance within our path cannot truly become a prevention that acquires our abilities. We all have a goal to work towards, encounter interruptions and decide to continue along our journey. We all have this experience when we take our first steps in life.

We all began with the ability to sit on the floor and view the people around us walking on their feet. We start to know that we wish to be able to do the same. We begin by practicing to get up on our feet and stand with support and we slowly work up to taking our steps with support. As we feel our ability, we build our courage to try some more and with less support. Sometimes we get excited to run into the open arms of our parent to show off our ability, we are absent to the stuffed animal along the path. We trip over our stuffed friend and fall to the ground but we get back up and continue to use our ability to run to collect the warm hug of congratulations that we desire.

An obstacle along our path cannot take away our ability. It will only be a prevention when we decide to remain down or discontinue the use of our ability.