Hiking Path

A  way
 o accept and
I   nternalize
E verything you’re offered.
N ever reject
C omplete your opportunities
E xperience, to learn

Patience is needed in a world full of dependency. As we allow machines and small helps to help us with our ways, we forget what it means to “work for what we want”.
As we attempt to try working on our goals again, it is important to find a pace fit for our own person and wanted goal.
When working feels like a challenge, instead of an accomplishment, it is important to accept everything and find the true meaning of our challenge.  As we work towards our goal, we should never reject what we are given. It is best to accept our opportunities, with confidence that it is still a help for our person and wanted goal. To accept is to experience, helping us to learn our needed lessons and, with patience, we will reach our wanted goal.