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You’re amazing in things that you do

And it’s okay to believe that it’s true

It’s a part of the person you are

You’re allowed a time to be a star


Start believing in what you are told

Stop fearing the amazement that you hold

It works for others in its own way

Even when it’s found in disarray


In every person there is a gift

Even at times when appearance is swift

There’s no reason to hold onto doubts

Just take some time to figure it out


Gifts are offered for people to find

Great gifts in everyone, I must remind

Amazing things that aren’t always shown

But for each person to get them known


Don’t choose to fear or hide from your life

Even when fears appear to you in rife

Work with your lessons, be positive

You’re amazing when you are active


Continue to live, don’t choose to fret

Get to know your person, have knowledge whet

You’re amazing in things that you do

Please accept. It’s all because of you