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There are times when our body prevents

But the mind and spirit doesn’t want to relent

There will be times when we just want to let go

But we keep going to know what life has to show


With each new step that we choose to take

A new gift for our person we will make

Go forth and keep venturing out

For you, find out, what life will be all about


There are times when we fall ill and our body prevents us from our wanted plans but, with our mind and spirit, we don’t have to relent. The choice to keep going after our dream is stronger than the preventions we are being presented. Sometimes the hardship can get overwhelming and we just want to let go but we choose to keep going because we want to understand what life is offering. Why were we presented this hardship and what can it do for our person? With each new step forward we choose to take; we are creating and discovering a new gift for our person.

I encourage you all to go forth and venture out; for your person, find out what life is all about.