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I always get a stare
Travelling in my wheelchair
They show a lot of wonder
I seem to make them ponder

A woman with a disability
Filled with positivity
At a young age, getting a stroke
How is it that she has not broke?

I still wish to keep on going
Have my positivity showing
A disability will not get in my way
I will continue to enjoy every day

I am very confused when I receive odd stares for being in a wheelchair. People seem to really wonder, looking like they wish to ask why. I am viewed as a woman with a disability and have also been asked how I view life positively.
“How did you get a stroke at such a young age? Do you truly believe that you will be okay?” I got a stroke in my brain surgery and I strongly believe that I will make it through. I consider my stroke as an added adventure for learning in my life to help build me stronger as a person.
I want to keep going and I always want to have positivity showing. I will not ever allow a slight disability to get in my way. I will continue to earn from my life and enjoy my life every day.