We need to give to receive
We need to trust to believe
We need to let go to discover
And we need to forgive to recover

We will want to get things without any effort but in order to receive the things that we desire for our person, we have to be open to give first. When we want to believe, we have to be willing to contribute a level of trust for our beliefs to take form. When we wish to discover new things, we have to let go of what we already know to allow some space for the new discoveries. At a time when we need to recover from any hardships or negative reactions within our lives, we need to forgive those moments and put them to rest so that we may truly recover and have the opportunity to start over. There always seems to be a price in life. A personal sacrifice we have to be willing to make towards our gain. Despite the sacrifices we need to make, we can always remember that it is a step that we make to help us to gain the things we wish to have for our wanted life.