To you, my dear,
My Greatest Treasure
I give my permission
And allow admission
Into our Greatest Pleasure

Times together,
As the best of friends
Together, we choose to laugh and share
Show eachother how much we care
We are a gift that will last until the end

A team, we are,
On this life journey
In each new lesson we learn
Together, we have made it through
A true love has been earned with you

My dear treasure
Thank you for your love
A deep enjoyment for me
Let’s continue to be together
On this special journey sent from up above

A poem for my love and inspired by my love. He has been one of my greatest treasures. I give him my permission to always be included in the thing that we enjoy; our time together as the best of friends. Together, we always laugh, share and show each other how much we care. I strongly believe we will always be the best of friends.
We have been a great team on our Journey of Life and with each new experience, we have made it through. Together, with him by my side, a true love has been earned and experienced. I thank him for his love, which has been a great enjoyment for me. I wish to continue my journey together with him, for I truly believe it has been a special gift meant for us.