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There are many ways to be together
And with love, you will be forever
Many things will try to pull you apart
But nothing can ever control a true heart

Together to be, you can decide
Regardless of the ways in life you reside
If it was truly meant to be
The experiences in life will have you see

There will be moments
In any direction you’ll be thrown
But together is where you will be in the end
As long as you began as great friends

There are many ways for a couple to be together and, with love, they will be together forever. Many things in life will appear to pull them apart and can deceive others into thinking that they are not together but there is nothing in life that can control or change the true feelings in a person’s heart.
Together, two people can decide to be, regardless of the circumstances life throws their way. If the love is truly meant to be, all the experiences in life will have them see. With all the ups and downs we will travel in life and all the surprising directions, with its twists and turns, together you can still remain. When a love begins as a friendship filled with genuine love and care, that friendship can be held onto until the end.
These were words inspired by my experience with my husband through my recovery from brain surgery and stroke. We started our relationship with a friendship filled with understanding, acceptance, love and care and as we journey through the challenges life presents us, we remain together even though we appear apart. True love is truly a strong bond that helps me to know that regardless of the challenges I face in life, I know that I have a great friend that supports me and loves me for who I am.