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Love is a powerful source
That accomplishes good
Along its course
It is expressed through our care
And there are many ways
For us to share

Practiced in our every day
Through our actions and thoughts
And what we say
A powerful source for all
As we communicate
Use love for all

The spirit of love is a powerful source because it surrounds each and every one of us here on earth. Love is a source that God provides us all to help us accomplish the good that we envision. Love is expressed through our care and there are many ways each and every person to express their care. A person’s care can be shown through a smile, a worry and even through a strong belief in your person. Even through anger, care may possibly be shown. Love can often be misunderstood due to perception and personal expectations. Even at times when we feel that love is not being shown, it can be due to misconceptions or preconceived desires that another person cannot satisfy for our person.
Love is practiced every day through our thoughts and actions. Sometimes the easiest way for us to have it understood is to express it in the things we say. As we communicate with the people around us, strangers and friends, love is the best source to use with them all.