When a person makes an action with the intention to love, that is all that we need to accept and the only thing we need to look at. When we describe it to many others, it can be perceived in many different ways and it’s true meaning is lost to our person.
A person can offer us a help that we have not needed and it can be misunderstood. We each hold a different understanding and tend to analyze the situation, leading to misinterpretations. When offered a help that has a purpose that can be a help, accept it and be glad that it came with the intention to love. Do not question it or allow any preconceived fears to get into your thoughts as small deeds of love are sent your way. Keep an open mind and open heart because our thoughts are reflected in our actions and will further misunderstandings.
Every act of love is performed differently and perceived differently because every person alive is different with different views and experiences. Try to accept your situation and just know that there is no other person that will fully understand our needs but as long as good intentions are existing, that is all that truly matters and all that we need to view.