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Letting go
Can be an act of strong love
In the role as a person or parent
It is a gift from up above
It can be a gift, hard to perform
But with trust and the action
Life gets reformed

Letting go of another person, to allow them to live out their lives, is an act of strong love that displays our belief and trust in that person. Whether we play the role of a child, life partner, friend or parent, it can be a hard action to fulfill but it will be one filled with love and allows us to share the gifts of life. Letting another person go is a hard action to perform but it is one that will allow the person to go out and discover what is truly meant for their person. We are working with a lot of trust, belief and faith in life as we let the other person go and allow them their own control but, with this action of strong love, we are allowing the person to understand and reform the value of their individuality and find the direction meant for their person. It may become an adventure together but with love and trust, the actions needed shall be found.