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Another can appear strong
At a time when we are weak
But that is not to be believed in
When support is what you seek

We all have times to need support
To help us get back on our feet
It’s a time of vulnerability
Don’t look upon it as defeat

It is best to experience all
Take the time to learn and grow
Enjoy all that life has to give
It is here for us to get to know

At a time when we feel weak or unable, another person will appear strong because they are able but this is not a belief that needs to be trusted. Every person will need support from another in different ways and have their own set of strengths that cannot be compared to another. We will all encounter a time when we need support from another to get back on our feet. It can be looked at as a time of vulnerability but we should never consider it as a defeat. It is best for us to experience and enjoy all that life has to give. They are all there for us to learn and grow. All experiences in life have been presented to us for us to get to know.