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There’s a reason in all the things we do

But try to remember if it’s meant for you

I’m sure a purpose can be found

But to you, should it be bound?


Consider all the options

Don’t have a misconception

Get to know who you are

And the ways you wish to get far


Every person makes their own actions in life because we each have a personal purpose for living. There can appear to be many ways for us to reach our goal but we have to find out if it is meant for our person. We can all find a purpose but we must ask ourselves,

“Is this the purpose I wish for my person to be committed to?”

We have many options in life to consider and it is best to be open minded when we review them all. We do not wish to misconceive the ideas we are offered. We have to get to know who we are and all the ways we wish to work to get us to our goals.