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Accumulation with time

In all the aches and pains

I have to keep my focus

On what I wish to gain


Loving time with family

Without falling down

Memories full of smiles

No unwanted personal frowns


Aches and pains may cause you to question

But they are still small steps forward

Upon the goal I wish to gain

Small steps accumulated are a great reward


They always say that no big goal can be accomplished in a short period of time. We may feel the aches and pains along the journey but we always need to keep our focus on what we want to gain. In my recovery, I try to focus on having time with my family without too many worries of unexpected falls. I wish to be filled of memories full of smiles and I wish to have unwanted frowns to not be a part of my life. The variety of aches and pains cause a person to question but I have been lucky to learn that even the aches and pains can be small steps forward. Upon the goal I wish to gain, I still believe that the small, painful steps accumulated will be a great reward in the end.