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When words are said by another,

It is not only meant for you.

Often we do not want to believe

But for our person, it can be true.


We can be feeling a certain way

And they tell you of another way

How can they know our person?

How do they know what to say?


Our emotions can be felt and seen

And understood by another

We should also try to understand

It’s the best way to connect with others


Sometimes we are advised by another and we do not like to hear their words. It can be possible that others are not only speaking to advise you, they may also be advising themselves. Often we do not wish to believe in the words that are said but, with an open mind, a true reason may be found for our person.

We can feel that we know that we are feeling a certain way, how can another tell us of a completely different way? How does another person know our person or know what to say to us? Our emotions can be felt, seen and even understood by another. We should also try our best to understand our emotions and feelings. By having an open understanding of our own person, we will be more ready to openly connect with the people around us.