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“You can only go so far, while remaining who you are.”- Astrid Hardjana-Large


Every person will live their life and find a dream that they wish to go after. Our dreams can appear possible when we view others who are accomplishing our wanted goals but a person can only go as far as they are able.

While we maintain our person, physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, we will only have what we have to work with. We can have a strong motivation and high determination to work towards our goal but we must also be prepared to work with the person that we are. We need to be fully aware of our goals while accepting the limits of our person. Regardless our purpose, we have to know what our person can handle because we have to admit that our person requires care and attention as well.

We can all try our very best at all times but we have to remember to consider our actual person and know that no actual person can do all things at all times.  Spread your love to others and remember to love yourself.