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What is “normal”? How do we each perceive it? What makes us think that difference is not the “norm”?

I have lived my life thinking that my difference in life has been my medical issues but as I journey and experience, I realize that it can be a lot more and it is not something that is so different or unknown to the others around us. The normal thing about my person is my different personality and my personal purpose in life.

What is “normal” for me? For me normal is about never giving up and a life that works for love and care, no matter what the consequences or challenges may be. We all have our own reasons for living and our own purpose to accomplish. No matter how ridiculous it may appear to the world, it is still something full of meaning for our person and the world around us. Our meaning may not be recognized right away and not understood in the ways that we wish but with faith and time, our meaning will get known.

I encourage everyone to search for the purpose in life that you have a belief in. it will become a part of who you are and it can be seen, even by others who do not express the same beliefs as you do. Follow your journey and discover what is meant for you. With your whole heart, go forth and experience what is meant for you. Find your difference, the norm for us all, and enjoy the unique gift that is meant for you. Spread it around and share it all around so that others may enjoy, too. We all have a personal purpose and it is normal to be different