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As each and every person grows and conceive expectations for their person, love will often get misunderstood. Love that is being expressed to us can be unapparent due to misconceptions or preconceived desires that another person cannot satisfy for our person.

A great example of misconceived love is often a caregiver’s care for a child. We can often view a caregiver appearing disappointed in a child’s efforts and getting angry for not seeing the perfection they are wishing for. In the moment that caregiver can appear to have no love but when we understand what they are striving towards for that child, we are able to see the love that is there.

Love is not always apparent when we have already built set expectations for our person. The best way to have the love around us become apparent is by allowing ourselves to remain open to everything around us. Let’s not judge any situation and take the time to openly find out what kind of love is being shared. We may not understand right away but it is always best to give it a chance.