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It is often perceived that happiness will be reached when our wanted goals are reached but this is not a truth because as a person journeys towards their wanted goal, they will be encountering many changes that will provide them some growth as a person and alters the things that makes them happy.

I believe that happiness is a state of being that can be chosen by our person at any time in our lives. Having a wanted goal helps our person to have something to work towards and encounter more personal growth but that is not the only thing in our lives that makes us happy. What in your every day life makes you feel calm, welcome and loved? Are you happy when you feel those feelings? If so, then try to remember and relate to those times in every experience you encounter and you can be eternally happy.

Allow all negative feelings to come and go but never choose to hold onto them or remain with them. Happiness is lost when we choose our negativity and will not be felt. Happiness is felt when we choose to enjoy.