The other side may look quite grand

But we do not know what it may demand

Another person may handle it well

But, for our person, it could be a hell

It may be a challenge to be on our side

But, for our person, it may be the needed ride

We often travel on our journey of life and feel that “the other side” looks quite grand and more desirable but what we do not know is what that ‘other side’ may demand of our person. When my journey to a life of possibly no seizures first started, I had no idea what I needed to get into. I cannot say that my experience has been wrong for my person but it has been a challenging journey to reach my wanted goal, filled with new life lessons for my person.

When we view another person who is able to handle things well, we are not completely informed of what they are actually handling. It can be important to accept that what one person can handle is not something that just another person can pick up and deal with. It can feel like a challenge for us to remain and be on ‘our side’ but, for our person, it may be the needed ride to gain our needed lessons and experiences to become the person we are meant to become.

May we never just look to another side, desire it and wish for it to become ours. It is best to get to know our person and give our lives some time to show us how it is meant to be. Be open to the life lessons that will be provided to you and believe that each and every experience you go through has a purpose for you. Look to the ‘other side’ to find the goals that you wish to work for but never just wish to be there. Find out what you are getting into and make your own steps to get you to where you want to be.

We may not always know the exact steps that need to be taken and we may get encountered by unknown challenges but, as we travel our journey, we will still be able to learn, discover and live.