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Why do you say it is yours?

When I am thinking that it is mine

Isn’t life just more fair?

When we decide to share?

Let us share

We will all get to participate

With many more there to see

The results, we do not get to anticipate

Let us share

And enjoy life’s surprises

Spread joyous community care

While experiencing all that life authorizes

We can often view another person who may want the exact thing that we are wanting and they are saying that it all belongs to them. How can this be true when we are also sure that it is ours? We wish to fight for what we believe and our belief is that it belongs to us. Wouldn’t it be better if we just decide to share? Wouldn’t it feel equally fair to both parties?

When we decide to share, we will all get to participate. We will all get an opportunity to try. Many more people will have the chance to try but we do have to remember, we will not get to anticipate or be able to predict. Despite our inability to foresee the outcome, sharing is still a joyous way of enjoying the surprises that life provides. As we choose to share, we are spreading community care among the people all around us and we are allowing everyone the opportunity to experience all that has to give.

Let us all share together and enjoy together. Together, as a whole, we will all get to experience the fullest gifts life has to offer us.