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To the many people that give us care

It is great to have a smile to share

Let us remember the good they give

All of their help so we can live

To them, we will want to give back

For due to them, we have never lacked

Even in times when we could not understand

They were there to give a hand

Even when we told them it was not needed

They still chose to exceed it

To us, they’re a great assistance

Never, should we, continue resistance

Acceptance expresses gratification

For our care, showing appreciation

There are many people around us that give us care and, with everyone, it is always best to have a smile to share. We should try to keep in mind the good they have given because, with their help, we have been able to live. These are people we will want to give back to because, due to their help, we have never lacked anything. Even at times when we could not find our own understanding, they were the caring people that still offered us their assistance. Sometimes we have even chosen to tell these people that we did not need help but they chose to give it to us anyways. These are the people who have been a great assistance to us in our lives and we should not choose to use resistance with them. Our acceptance to their care will express our gratitude and allow them to know of our appreciation.