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As you enter a new journey

Best wishes for you both

You have much to discover

As, together, you go forth

A union for life

Among the best of friends

Take forth the joys you share

And there shall be no end

                                                                                                                                        These words were inspired to me when I prepared to go to my brother in law’s wedding. As I wanted to wish him well, I thought upon the meaning of marriage. As people enter into a marriage, they are entering a new journey in their lives. We wish the best for them both because we know that they will still have a lot to discover in their lives. After marriage,  they will be discovering life and sharing their experiences with each other.                                                                                                      Marriage is a union for the rest of life. It is best to have it be a union among two people who are the best of friends. It will always be best to take forth the loving memories that you share and all the dreams that you both wish to go after. With loving memories of how your love came to be to built upon, there will always be the knowledge that the love shall have no end.