The journey uphill is steep, and the sorrow can feel deep.

But we know the reward is there, a full life is quite fair.

Have control over your thoughts. On life, they will affect a lot.

We are here to know what is true, prepare to have it shared by few.

Take time to get to know your desires. Find goals that to you will inspire.

Go forth and go after your dreams.

With your person, be an individual team.

A challenging journey can feel all uphill and the steps can feel like an unwanted workout. When our wanted goals feel like they are in a far distance, we can feel a disappointment deep within us but, with belief, we know that our hard work, tolerance and perseverance will bring us to our wanted destination. A life filled with a variety of experiences is quite fair to provide a person with a full life.

Control over our individual thoughts is often needed. Upon our life, they will affect a lot. When we choose to think negatively of the events in our life, they will become negative memories for us to remember. Positive thoughts will help us to continuously see the light along our path in life. We are all here to experience and discover what is true for our person. As we encounter our discoveries, we need to prepare ourselves as individuals and know that we will have moments that may not be able to be understood by others.

We all need to take the time to get to know our wanted desires in life. We need to search for personal goals that we can make, are willing to work towards and find to be a continuous inspiration within our life. Go forth and work towards your wanted dreams. With your own person, individually, you will get to know your true path in life for your wanted desires. You are the one true person and team mate who will fully know your wanted dreams. Enjoy your journey and become the person you want to be.