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Most people would say that the greatest accomplishment with epilepsy is finding the way to get the seizures to stop. Honestly, I believe that the greatest accomplishment with epilepsy would be the acceptance of it as a part of your life.

Seizure were a part of my daily life for about 20 years and when they were there I had to accept that they would come and disturb my wanted plans. In accepting that they were a part of my life, I was able to continue experiencing my life despite the interruptions my seizures brought to me. Now I have not had a seizure for about 5 months and despite how great it is that I am not worrying about unexpected falls, I have to accept that yes, they were a part of me. The ways I chose to live my life and the person I chose to be were influenced by the seizures in my life. There are new things to experience and accept right now but it is also not easy to ignore epilepsy’s influence on my life.

To find my needed acceptance would be for me to know and believe that epilepsy was meant to be a part of my life plan. It is of great importance for me to remember all the lessons and gifts that epilepsy did bring to my life and now it is time to move on to the next chapter of my life and bring all my lessons and gifts with me. In my honest opinion, acceptance is the greatest accomplishment with epilepsy a person can have.