On my 30th birthday, I was blessed with the most beautiful and loving gift of my life. My daughter, a caregiver, was born into my life.

At that time, I knew I had to care for her and guide her but I did not realize how much she would end up caring for me. As she started to learn, she looked out for her Mommy with daily Epileptic seizures and, together, we learned our lessons.

When I wanted to take seizures out of our lives, my daughter openly let me go and was faced with an unexpected scare that appeared like a loss. As we accepted a new medical challenge (Mommy recovering from a stroke) into our lives, my daughter welcomed me back and decided to become my motivating nurse.

When times appeared hard and almost impossible, she shared her unconditional love and found her own ways to care for and cure her Mommy.

I had to accept her care, knowing that I was unable to care for her. Care had to be accepted in order for me to be able to care for her again.

My caregiver, a beautiful gift I will never want to abandon, has been a great encouragement in my life and has filled me with great love and care. My daughter is a blessing in my life and a true gift to my person. My most favorite birthday gift.