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Many wonder how I deal with my disability

As a resource, I use my creativity

All my experiences are a positive addition

Using creativity gives negativity an execution

Acceptance of my gifts becomes a motivation

Seeing positivity spread is an inspiration

I want to keep going when I see my gifts spread

It helps me to know that hard times are not a shred

We can express ourselves and have it be shown

Sharing with others helps it to be known

That using our personal creativity

Is a helpful and positive ability

People have seen me with seizures and recovering in a wheelchair and they have questioned how it is that I deal with my disability. For me, I have never chosen to view it as a disability and, when things get tough, I choose to use my creativity. I believe that every experience in my life has a positive addition for my life and using my creativity helps me to put my negativities to rest.

Acceptance of my gift from the people around me becomes a motivation for me to continue and seeing positivity spread in the world is an inspiration. I want to keep going when I see my gifts have been shared, it helps me to know that hard times in my life have not been a waste or hurtful to my life.

I feel that everyone has a way of expressing their person and finding a way to show it to others. Sharing with others helps us to be understood and gets it to be known that using our personal creativity is a very helpful and positive ability.