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Don’t rush the process,
Work only with what you have access.
If you want a full complete,
Don’t choose to skip or delete.

Work with every step,
Try to get all that you can get.
Enjoy all values you’re given,
It’s still best to have striven.

Success is not fast,
But it is something that can last.
We must know how to view it,
And take time to review it.

This is a reflection on the lessons I have learned in my recovery from brain surgery. As much as I am wanting to be able to do things independently, I can only work with what I have. I have to remember that if I want to fully recover, I cannot choose to skip or delete any of the steps along the way.
I have to work with every step, no matter how small it can feel, it is always best to get the most out of every small, hard step we take. We should all enjoy all that we are given and it is best when we know we have striven.
To reach success can be slow but when we reach it, we will have more confidence of it lasting when we know that we have worked for it. We need to keep our goals in our view and take some time to review them so we know what we are aiming for. It is always best to keep our focus and keep on trying. Success will be a true accomplishment after we complete all our needed steps to get there maintaining a positive and striven spirit.