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I wish to share with others who deal with Epilepsy in their lives how important it is to not ignore your Epileptic Falls.

Before the experience of my second brain surgery, I never realized the importance of preventing my falls and head injuries. It appeared great that I was able to get up and keep on going. .  It caused me to think that as long as I got up and gave my bruises time to heal, I did not actually hurt myself. I was motivated to keep on going but I was not truly able to know the damages my Epileptic Falls created.

In my second brain surgery, I got a stroke that caused me to lose the functions of the left-side of my body. At first I felt the doctor must have made a mistake but, as I received the chance to read my reports, I was able to learn that this stroke was a part of my inability to accept the dangers of my Epileptic Falls.

Falling like a tree, banging your head on concrete grounds, falling into walls, hitting your head on the corner of tables, falling down a flight of stairs or hitting your head on tile flooring are not falls to ignore just because you are able to get up and appear to heal. Those are damages to the brain that can build into further damages.

My recovery from the stroke may be slow right now but I have to admit that it is also because I am finally taking the time to recover from my many Epileptic Falls. It is important for a person to have the drive to keep on going after what they want for themselves but it is also greatly important for them to remember to care for themselves fully and completely. Let’s keep on going and not allow Epilepsy get in our way but please always remember to take any needed precautions to keep you at your best.