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To live a life that is seizure-free

Is something that I want for me

Days without unexpected falls

No more worries for my family

It will be hard to reach the goal

But each step helps make it whole

I have a will to keep on going

And with effort,it will start showing

It feels like a dream in a far distance

But nothing happens in an instance

I have to keep on believing

Even when times appear deceiving

I can’t allow bad thoughts to rule me

I have to listen to what’s true to me

Allow all dreams to come true

Believe in them and have them continue

This is a poem I wrote while working on my recovery to help me remember why I was there and what I am working towards.

I agreed to have my brain surgery because I want to have a life that is seizure-free. I do not want to have any more days with unexpected falls and head injuries. I did not want to continue being a worry for my family.

This has been a hard goal to reach. Surgery was not a final step to make everything complete but it did take my seizures away and every small step has still been a help to get me closer to my wanted goal. I know that I want to keep on going and not give up. When I put an effort in to reach my goal, I am blessed to be shown a little bit of progress that helps me to know that that effort is valuable, even if it feels small.

Receiving the challenge of a stroke in my journey makes my goal feel far away but it is also a reminder that we should never expect to receive things instantly. We have to stay focused on what we want to work for and be the person who believes in our ability to reach it. Sometimes we run into times that make it appear like our goals will never be possible to reach but those are the times to stay focused and rebuild our beliefs.

Bad thoughts cannot be allowed to rule our minds. We have to stay focused on what is true to our person. When things are hard, we have to give our dreams a chance to come true, even when it is slow. When we focus and believe, we allow our goals to work out, teach us and make our dreams come true.