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Try to remember
It’s not directed straight at you
It is just something that happens
Because life for her is new

She is still growing
And learning the ways for a life
She’s not always sure or ready
Actions can be unsteady

Remain forgiving
As you watch her many actions
You’ll have different emotions
Keep positive reactions

Don’t anger yourself
Allow the process of learning
Each path of growing may differ
You’re there for her to refer

This was a poem that was inspired by the changes I was experiencing with my toddler. As my daughter started to try different ways and learning what she could have, she appeared to want to do things against me. As much as she could appear to be against me I needed to remember that she was learning. I needed to prevent the belief that my daughter was trying to be against me.

As I started to remember that she was growing and learning new ways for her life, it helped me to understand that her actions will be unsteady because she is unsure. I was reminded that as a parent it is very important to remain forgiving. I am meant to watch her many ways and many emotions can come to me but it is also very important to maintain positive reactions to teach my daughter the proper lessons.

It is always best to not choose to be angered. In maintaining positive reactions, we are encouraging our children to learn and grow. Each child will have their own path for learning because every person is different. It is up to us parents to know which path we want to guide our children to. They may have moments when then they appear to reject our ways but we should always be ready to help our children when they need our help.