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You’re on your own adventure
You’re on your own path
You run into many things
Even moments that are laughs

You often face challenges
Lessons that are great
Things that feel very new
But still a chance to relate

Don’t ever choose to give up
Your actual place
It’s a place for you to own
And then eventually ace

You’re an amazing person
With your wondrous ways
In challenges and lessons
And in every brand new day

This was a poem inspired to me as I reflected upon my life. It is very important for a person to accept that they choose their own separate adventure. The Life Path made for us was made specifically for our own person. As we aim to accomplish our own goals we often run into many things that can be a distraction to us, even times that feel more like laughs instead of the accomplishment we desire. We all face many challenges in life that are filled with great lessons. These are the times we are introduced new things in life that may take time to understand. When we are open to our lessons, we often are given a chance to relate and learn.

In new moments that are a challenge we should never choose to give up who we are or the goals that we want to work for. New things or places given to us are for us to own. Understanding may take a lot of time or require a lot of work but that does not erase its place with us. As we remain open to our lesson we are working to ace new things in our life.

A simple way of finding assurance that new lessons are meant for you is to remember that you are an amazing person when you truly are the person you’re meant to be. Every single person is blessed with a set of gifts that is their own and is able to perform in their own wondrous way. We all have our own ways to live and in each brand new day we are offered more challenges and lessons to help us be the best we can be. We should never choose to doubt our person, we just need to take life one day at a time.