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It’s time to accept
For yourself, have respect
In your work, recognize
Allow your success to internalize

Times of success, face
Look at your work, embrace
Live in your journey, grow
Observe your own changes and let them show

Don’t listen to fears
To your doubts, don’t adhere
Accept and please let go
It is up to you to be your own pro

This is a poem filled with the advice I was given at a time when I was feeling very confused. As changes started to occur I needed more help and I became very confused of where I stood in my life. I was advised to accept and allow myself to recognize the work I have done. This was a time when I needed to internalize my successes, allow them to be mine. As I started to recognize my work, it was important for me to embrace the as my own.

In every life there is a journey to follow that will help the person to grow. It is a help to the person to follow their path and observe their changes. As these observations can often be a scare, it is important to not allow yourself to listen to your fears. As doubts may be awakened, we should not allow ourselves to give them so much credit.

Times of change are times when we need to accept. As we find acceptance we are also letting go of things unneeded to us. We are experiencing a time to allow our person to grow and we will discover our place because we are allowing our person to get to know ourselves. We should always remember that we will be the one person who is meant to know us best.