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It isn’t easy to be misunderstood
So different than all the rest
It’s hard to know nothing helps
Even when trying my best

This is the way I was born
The way I was meant to be
Is there someone else the same?
Someone who can also see?

I do not wish to change me
I just wish for understanding
I do not wish to feel so alone
I wish to be with others, to fit in

Where was I meant to be in this world?
The role that I was meant to play?
How can I find understanding?
Can’t someone just come and say?

I wish for my questions to be answered
To find the role meant to be played
I wish to fit in with others
To not always require an aid

This was a poem inspired to me as I reflected upon my experiences with my epileptic seizures. I often feel misunderstood and different than the rest. I find it hard to accept that I don’t have anything that can help me with my difference, even when I continuously put my best efforts in. I always have to remember that this is the way that I was born, which means it is the way I was meant to be. I wish to meet another person who is exactly the same and who can fully understand my thoughts.

Even though I am searching for understanding, change is not what I wish for. I wish to be with others, to fit in and not feel so alone. I am searching to understand where I belong in this world and what role I was meant to play. I wish someone could just come to me and tell me.

I am a person who wishes to find the answers to her questions, to discover the role I was meant to play. I wish to find my place with others and I do not want to always require an aid from others. To reach my goals it is up to my person to accept her given life and work to find her place. Answers cannot be given to me by another, only help in my journey can be provided. As much as I wish to find answers from another I have to accept that it is up to my own person to find my answers.