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In times of need

You’ve come to exceed

All my expectations


When I feel lonely

You prove that I only

Have to look your way


When anger consumes me

You show me how to be

Forgiving in my ways


When love is there

We’re showing we care

That is how life should be


This was a poem written at a time when my husband and I were getting to know each other. As I looked back upon our time I was able to see how he impressed me and surprised me with the way he handled my seizures. He helped me to discover that in times when I feel alone, I just had to look to him for a friend. In times of confusion, when my seizures overwhelmed me, I lashed out at others with anger without even realizing it. Watching how he handled those times with love taught me to be more forgiving. Seeing all the love that my partner gave me inspired me to live my life with love and care. Together we decided that love and care was what we wanted for our lives together.