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Is that an inability?

No. It is a Challenge

To live your life differently.


It can be a scare,

To people that are unaware.

Give yourself knowledge,

Disability becomes a dare


Be yourself the best,

Acceptance will put fears to rest.


Conquer your personal life’s quest.


This was a poem that I wrote to express how I felt about having Epileptic Seizures in my life. I had spoken to others with a similar situation, they chose to be scared and dependent but I did not want to join them. I looked at my slight disability as a challenge for me to live my life differently.

As I started to think of some of my differences I was reminded of how my situation is a scare and confusion to people who are uninformed. When one is given the knowledge, I find that they are more prepared to face the challenge. This is why I try to inform strangers of my situation from the start. I wish for the people around me to welcome their experience and learn in an open, knowledgeable environment.

When open and honest everyone feels more open to learn, accept and lower their fears.