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A new adventure

For new people I meet

To see a seizure

When I have a seat


They look in question

And they often ask why

Looks of confusion

As they see me try


It happens to inform

Give new lessons to learn

It helps thoughts to be reformed

Have purpose and return


This was a poem that was inspired by the caring and loving people I meet in this world. I recalled looks of question and confusion that used to worry me but, through, experience I have been able to see how helpful it has been to the world for me to live with my medical condition openly.

I have been able to hear from others how informative I have been. Even other people, with the same condition in their life, have told me how they have learned. Through being open I have been able to learn that when a person is not informed, I am a scare to them. With the proper information those same people have been able to erase their fears and become more courageous for discovering.  Everybody can fear the unknown but, with knowledge, everybody can feel secure and open to learn.